Red Pine Acupuncture is the culmination of more than two decades of my ongoing passion for natural medicine. By integrating Western medicine with traditional Eastern medical practices and philosophy, I provide a personalized approach to achieving a state of wellness.


Cupping relieves pain and increases circulation in the muscles, to provide better athletic performance and faster recovery time from injuries.

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Acupuncture stimulates specific points to treat conditions such as pain, stress, nausea and fertility. Focusing on the underlying cause of disease to bring the body into balance.

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We use only high quality herbal medicines and supplements that are properly sourced and free of harmful chemicals, additives and fillers to provide the best results for my patients. 

Herbal Medicine

Herbs change the underlying physiology of our body by increasing the efficiency of our organs, preventing the occurrence of disease and restoring a state of vitality.

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Bringing together Western nutrition with Chinese medical theory we can understand how specific foods directly impact our health. Empowering us to make better, healthier choices in the foods we eat.

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