What my clients are saying

“Brian possesses a sense of lightness and joy, making you instantly comfortable in his presence. His knowledge of natural medicine paired with his gentle character, put you at ease, knowing you are in good hands. You can feel his passion for what he does, his love for sharing with others this remarkable medicine.”

-John F

“I was very skeptical, nervous, and scared my first visit. Brian immediately put me at ease and I knew he truly cared and wanted to help. We discussed my case in length and he came up with a detailed treatment plan for not only my foot, but a few other issues I have been having as well. His technique with the needles is gentle which I greatly appreciated since I already had so much pain. He is able to lead me thru breathing exercises and gentle massage to get my mind and body to relax, to be fully receptive to treatment. 

I have only done a few visits and have quite a long road ahead of me, but already there is tremendous difference. I can walk each day now without use of my brace and I am no longer severely limping by end of the day! ”

— Alicia C.

“Brian is a delight to spend time with the moment you walk into his door. His new location in Willow Glen is awesome and his approach in helping you achieve your goals is what really sets Brian apart from the saturated market of acupuncturists in the Bay.

I came to Brian when I noticed my hormonal acne was getting worse and my stress-levels were at an all-time high (given I work in Silicon Valley). Through his guidance not only in his clinic, but also outside of it using the right herbs, eating the right things, and understanding other symptoms outside of my acne, he approached it full-throttle. My acne is now 100% gone, my stress-levels have significantly decreased, and my digestive system is running a lot better :D. Didn’t even realize I had digestion issues!

— Christina M.

“I stepped into Brian’s office by chance and was under quite a bit of shoulder pain. I was desperate to get rid of the pain and after just one session of cupping, I noticed quite a decrease in pain level and my range of motion increased dramatically. 

Brian explained the process of cupping clearly and answered all my questions. Above all, it feels wonderful to be able to move my shoulder again!

— Erika Z.

“Skeptical at first, Brian helped educate me in every step of the process so I would be comfortable with what he was doing. It comes with complete satisfaction to say that he has helped me tremendously today, relieving a headache. I will definitely continue seeing Brian for more work, as well as refer him to friends that would be in need of his services.”

— Haleem B.