| Cupping therapy stimulates the superficial layers of the skin and muscles, to assist in the healing and treatment of trauma. Working on several layers simultaneously, the cups invigorate the lymphatic system, bring fresh oxygen to the site of injury, relaxing muscles to ease pain and increase range of motion in joints.

The discoloration caused by the cups represent the underlying imbalance of the tissue. In chronic conditions, the tissue will turn purple in color, signifying deep traumatic injury to the area. More acute conditions show bright red or pale red markings, representing inflammation or heat in the body. After several session of cupping, the markings begin to lessen until there is no longer noticeable discoloration of the tissue, signifying the healing and return to health. 

Though at first impression the cups appear to be heated, they flame is only held inside the cup for a split second, pulling the oxygen out and creating a vacuum inside. The cup is then placed quickly onto the body, where it causes a suctioning sensation, pulling stagnant blood from deep inside the tissue to the surface where it is then dispersed through tiny blood vessels on the skin. The sensation of cupping various from patient to patient, and can be easily adjusted to the appropriate comfort level for each individual.